Hamster toys and the hamsters who love them.

I love my hamster and because she is such a great pet, I like to find toys I think she will enjoy. Based on my experiences and her experiences, I would like to give some opinions about some hamster toys on the market.

When purchasing toys for your hamster, always considering your hamster’s safety first. Hamsters are full of adventure, but they are not known for thinking about safety. Keep in mind, you can’t watch your hamster every single minute and they have a way of finding trouble. Always buy products you feel will not harm your hamster. Of course, you also want to pick items that will be fun for your top pet rat toy.
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If you want to give your hamster a really fun toy, you may want to buy your hamster a car. Nothing is more hilarious than watch a hamster attempt to steer around in a little car. It is cute and amusing.

My opinion: I think this is a great toy because my hamster can’t easily go into corners where she does not belong. I have more control over where she rolls.

Hamster opinion: Hamsters love to run, so I feel like any hamster would enjoy this toy. However, my hamster does seem frustrated that she cannot turn or maneuver the car as easily as the ball.

Hamster Ball
The hamster ball is pretty much a standard hamster toy. I believe that most people who have a hamster also get a hamster ball. It allows the hamster to explore in a safe way.

My opinion: I like the hamster ball and it is fun to see a hamster roll around in one. I do wish that hamster balls had a latch or door that closed a little more securely. My hamster can easily pop her hamster ball door open when she decides to do so.

Hamster opinion: My hamster gets so excited when she gets to use the ball. She can roll wherever she wants. I would say she gives it a thumbs up (or a paws up). Don’t just assume every hamster will love the ball though. I had a dwarf hamster that never liked the ball. She did not like being closed in though. If the lid stayed off, she was OK with it. If you have a really adventurous hamster, that type of hamster usually adores the hamster ball.

Wooden Chew Toy
I always assumed every hamster loved every wooden chew toy. I suppose this is not the case. Regular wood chews are usually a big hit with hamsters. Sometimes the more complex toys are not.

My opinion: It thought this was a really cute toy and it even had a hidden treat (a nut) in it.

Hamster opinion: I bought this toy for my hamster I own now, as well as my dwarf hamster I owned a few years ago. Neither hamster actually liked the complex wooden toy. They both chewed on their toys for a bit, then got bored. Both preferred plain hamster sticks instead.
OK, so this is not an official hamster toy. Have you ever seen a hamster with a slinky? If not, you should give a hamster a plastic slinky some time. It is lots a fun.

My opinion: I liked slinkies when I was a kid. What is not to love?

Hamster opinion: Hamsters seem to enjoy the plastic slinky. They can get inside and play. Also, they can try to pull it and watch it go back to the way it was. I would not recommend just putting this in a cage though. Monitor your hamster when they play with a slinky. It is easy for a hamster to get their foot caught.

Hamster Wheel
Hamsters absolutely love the hamster wheel. Hamsters need to run each night and the wheel is the best thing for that. When picking a wheel, stay away from the mesh metal kind. A hamster can get their foot caught and go flying with that thing. I am surprised that type of wheel is still sold in stores. I have heard of terrible hamster injuries caused by that type of wheel. Always get a plastic wheel with no openings. If the cage comes with the mesh kind, take it out and buy a plastic wheel.

My opinion: The wheel is great. My hamster can run all night and get all her exercise. I especially like the silent wheel.

Hamster opinion: Hamsters are all about the hamster wheel. My hamster really enjoys putting wood chips in the silent wheel so it is no longer silent. My hamster likes to make sure everyone hears what she is doing.
Hamster Log
Hamster love to hide and love to chew, so naturally a hamster log is a great idea for them. Most stores sell different types of log toys. You should determine which size to purchase based on hamster size.

My opinion: Hamster logs are really cute. They add a natural look to the cage.

Hamster opinion: Smaller hamsters seem to like hamster logs the best, but all hamsters enjoy chewing on the log. Hiding is a fun aspect to the log, as well.


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